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Emerhub Registry makes it easier to get information on 15,000,000+ companies in the markets of Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

Independently verify the shareholders, capital, corporate structure and more...

Trusted by 500+ Companies

Why do global brands like Skype, Subway, BenQ and Danfoss - AND hundreds of companies and business owners - use Emerhub for their due dilligence in Southeast Asia? Becuase many have identified potential bad deals in their inception.

That's no accident - it's a proven process we use for due dilligence, and we're market leading authority on Southeast Asia market entry.

Unlike in developed countries, basic due dilligence in Southeast Asia is usually very difficult due to lack of reliable publicly available information.

This makes entry hard and can bring halt to any success - We've seen it... And our entire business is built on tackling that issue.

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At Last— Company background checks made simple

Searching for information about private companies in Southeast Asia used to be a hassle. Emerhub Registry gives you data of over 15 million companies in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Find out whether a company is incorporated, who are the shareholders and beyond.

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Find the company you want to receive more information about

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Choose the reports you need (Below you’ll find samples)

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Finish you purchase (It’ll be completed in 1 business day.)

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Our local team researches & provide you reports  – so you don’t rely on translate, incomplete information or risky sources.

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Receive all the vital, available information about the chosen company

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Make a more informative decision (So you don’t have to risk it or have to guess)

Information included in report:

  • Name and domicile
  • Business activities
  • Number and date of estabilishment
  • Minister's Decree of company ratification
  • Contact details of shareholders, members of board of directors and board of commissioners

What separates good business opportunity from a disaster one?

- Accurate data. Intelligence. Research.

Emerhub Registry gives you the insights to remove the unreliability factor and
turns a complex entry into a successful one...

Just enter your email address where we can send you a sample background company report.

Here's what Emerhub Reports Provides your Organization

The data you need. To take a pressure off decision-making.

Local Experience, Delivered Globally

Vietnam and Indonesia are two of the fastest-growing Asian economies in recent years. But public information Is very limited. Its easy to get the wrong advise, the wrong Information, and the wrong direction.

Our entire business is built around tackling that issue – since we work with a few hundred companies each year, we can stay on top of the changing regulations in most of the industries.

Company Data with Integrity

Independently verify vendors, subcontractors, and companies- To know exactly who you’re dealing with. In English.

Reports show when a company’s been established, gives access to shareholders, board of directors, commissioners and their contact details.

Legal & Discreet Expert Research

Our research methods are ethical and discreet, although information can often be hard to find, and research will often span multiple jurisdictions and languages.

Research is conducted by trained and experienced in-house analysts, supported by advanced tools and local law practitioners. This helps to maintain consistently high standards and removes the risk of reformation leakage.

Fast Turnaround Times

To help you make decisions even faster, to enable you avoid bad deals and bad PR, we deliver quality-checked reports as soon as they’re available.

Delivered in 1 business day.

About Emerhub

As a foreign company trying to break into South East Asia, the mission can seem impossible. From dealing with notorious red-tape and regulations to recruiting the right local talent, the daunting task of breaking into Asia can shift valuable resources away from the growth of your business.

That’s why since 2011, we’ve taken pride in helping over 5oo business clients streamline their entry into South East Asia with tailored market entry services, allowing you to easily and efficiently break into a brand-new market.

Here’s why we should partner together: 

  • We’ve had over 5 years of experience working with Asian market entry
  • We’ve registered over 500 foreign companies across Indonesia and Vietnam
  • No matter the country, all of our offices deliver every core service in-house, ensuring impeccable results and premium services in every market
  • instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, our specialist team of lawyers, accountants and consultants will work closely with you to come up with tailored strategies to make your market entry a success.

Learn more about Emerhub.

Gain access to 450+ million consumers

With offices in Jakarta, Bali, Manila and Ho Chi Minh City, we’ll help you bridge the gap between your company and over 35o million consumers in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

We work with clients in any country

So far, we have helped 500 business clients in 51 countries in 17 languages.

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